• Thailand and the UFABET World Cup 48 years ago to arrive today.


    To enter the world atmosphere. The team is curiously asking permission to join with the traditional offline. And it would be a joke according to the style of this column. It's time to get back to the past. To commemorate the World Cup in Thailand. It will be useful to the old world fans to think back. And for the new generation of fans to know that. How old are the people in Thailand?

    All information and facts are written in the following. It appears in the "Curiously Zoomed" column on June 8, 2014. Almost all of them are slightly refurbished to fit the current situation.

    Back to the first UFABET World Cup kicked in Uruguay in 1930 or 1930 before changing the administration in our house in about 2 years, the head of the team curiously floating in what part of the world do not know.

    But as ever, looking back at documents. It is not known that the World Cup in the world. Except for Thai people to study outside. There are not many in the same year.

    Until 1958 or 1958, 40 years ago, in the 6th World Cup, Sweden hosted the Thai people. More world cup And know that there is a 17-year-old kid playing a very good football player. The center of the Brazilian national team. And it was the Brazilian who was the world champion in that year.

    This kid is Pele. There are some newspapers, news stories and his stories. With the Brazilian national team in front of the sport. But it's not big news because it's the biggest sports news. Thai boxing news

    The next world cup In 1962, Brazil won another championship. The head of the curious team at Thammasat University, 3 years ago, remembered the news on the sports page of the newspapers, but still a little news.

    Four years later, 1966 or 1966, England hosted. The Thai people started to know more about the UFABET World Cup. The news is short. Channel 4 Bang Khun Prom and summary on the radio stations, TAT and the Panther

    Newspapers began to detail more in the sport, especially the Daily News and Thai Rath makes the people know the United States or Mozambique black jackpots of Portuguese players. The goal of that year. And feel good about the country as the North Korean team as the Asian giants kicked off the first giant in Italy.

    That year, England won the first and only UFABET World Championship by defeating West Germany 4-2 behind the tie. 2-2. The time before England won 4-2 by England to shoot a puzzle to this day. Whether to enter or not The referee blows in and the England goalkeeper.

    Then came another 4 years to the year of history. For Thai fans That is the 9th World Cup in 1970 or 1970 in Mexico.

    There was Field Marshal Thanom Kitti Kajorn, Prime Minister and Field Marshal Prapas Jarasathien as deputy prime minister and Minister of Interior.

    The media is rather uncomfortable. I do not know what to write or headline ... I can not go to page 1 as well.

    Thairath and Daily News decided simultaneously on the same day, press the opening ceremony of the UFABET World Cup 1970 is a big head 3-tier 1 and then headline giant 1

    That's why I'm here. The good sellers like to wait for fans to buy to read the results of the panel in the series until the sale of both.

    It's a great way to make money.

    The head of the curious team who came to work in the evening as an international translator of the Thai print journal was sent to translate the World Cup. To be pushed up page 1 fight with Thairath - Daily News. In the following week

    Every issue as well. Can not stand still have to turn to the UFABET World Cup page 1 cause the ball "world" in Thailand.

    In the 1970s, the Brazilian team was very good at winning by the tigers of the three tigers, "Pele - Tossao - Jerry Xin" (called in that year). )

    The World Cup strengthens every day from the flutter of all media. Especially from every newspaper. Finally, Channel 4 Bang Khun Prom decided to broadcast live.

    Thai people are very happy, even if they have to sleep and wake up late at night, than to finish it hit 3 hit 4, but happy all over the page. The Brazilian team defeated Italy to win 4-1.

    After that The World Cup is becoming a popular sport among Thai people and watching more than any other sport.

    It has been broadcast live since 1974, or four years later, West Germany hosted by shooting two shots ... appointment to the final. And then took the shot to the final match until all the shots in the last couple. And now

    Think back to the past. If the government is not dictatorial and does not control the media strictly. No one will ever think of UFABET World Cup.

    Thanks to Field Marshal Thanom Marshal Prapas for your hardship. News - World news headlines giant 1

    In 1970, or 48 years ago, it became a world football to Thailand to this day.


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