• "FIFA" denounced "Maradona" critic referee game "Colombia" found "England"

    "UFABET" denounced "Maradona" critic referee game "Colombia" found "England"

    Maradona was appointed as one of the ambassadors of the UFABET FIFA World Cup. The fans will always see Maradona every game in Argentina, but in the last 16 teams have seen Mara. Do you wear a cowboy shirt? Meet with the British.

    In that game, England beat the penalty shootout and qualified for the final eight, but Maradona returned to criticize referee Mark Walker from the United States. That's not right Penalty for refusing to Colombian rhythms Harry Kane challenges and insults to Pierre Luigi Collina head of referee  UFABET FIFA. Maradona also said that he felt like a Colombian. The referee robbed the victory. And disappointed to replace the team did not go.

    As a result of this incident,  UFABET FIFA came out to denounce Maradona's actions as inappropriate and regretted the fact that these words came from the mouth of the world's legendary players while Maradona came to watch the  UFABET World Cup. The Russian With the money of FIFA Because the organization of the world. The legendary players of the country come to watch the game as Dawson, Peter Blake for a good image during the live broadcast by Maradona to pay for the game. 10,000 pounds, or 440,000 baht, but on the day without a race will be paid 68,000 baht a day to pocket it.

    "FIFA" denounced "Maradona" critic referee game "Colombia" found "England"

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